The Golden Arts – Art Exploration Program

Housing With Hope Is Proud To Introduce The Golden Arts – Art Exploration Program

This program features art classes provided at on-site senior housing and community centers in Central New Jersey. The program is designed to provide creative workshops for seniors. It’s the perfect opportunity for those with and without disabilities and, since art is inherently therapeutic, the program lessons are designed to build confidence and autonomy while our community members have fun in the process!

Golden Arts will foster self-expression, creativity, and problem-solving skills through the exploration of shape, color, texture, and more. To ensure our seniors find the right type of experience for them, some of our programs feature one-off classes while others involve a class series. Classes will explore forms of expression including painting, drawing, collage, and mixed media. And each session is designed to stimulate cognitive and fine motor skills. 

And we’ve integrated the showing of finished work into a community event! 

When appropriate, we will hold Golden Arts Exhibitions during the weekend immediately after the final class in a series. At the Exhibition, individuals enrolled in our classes will be invited to participate in an art exhibit. They will be recognized during the exhibition grand reveal reception sponsored by the Housing With Hope Foundation. This is a great chance to acknowledge the work of our seniors and to include family, friends, and community in the experience with them!

"I am not really a painter, but it gave me something to do and it’s creative. I had a lot of fun doing this. I am excited to hopefully come back and try other things at future events."

Marie W

“I really enjoyed it. It brought out some of my little artistic feelings. It was really nice, and I would be happy if they did it again.”

Esther S

“I loved it. We all loved it. It was an outlet for me. I am not an artist, but it made me express myself. I hope you have more of them. I don’t have a car so I can’t easily go out, so I especially appreciate that you come here to us, it’s wonderful.”

Fran L

“I never did art before. My piece is not great but it’s mine. I was so happy doing this art. I hope the program comes back. Thank you for letting me share my art with you.”

Patty E

The Future Of The Golden Arts Program

At its core, The Golden Arts Art Exploration program offers older adults in our community the chance to explore the essential elements of visual art (including line, shape, color, and pattern) while developing creativity and building confidence in a supportive atmosphere.

Here’s What We’re Planning Next

  • Knitting 
  • Book Club
  • Dance, Music 
  • Gardening 
  • Field Trips To Art Galleries/Museums

If you have an idea for a Golden Arts program, would like to volunteer, or want to donate to keep this program going, contact us here.

Fall/Winter Planned Projects

Sunflower Finger-painting For Adults!  

We’ll use nothing but our (gloved) hands to create sunflowers on canvas with acrylic paint.

Drinking Glass Painting!

We’ll tap into the fall season’s natural inspiration (from leaves to pumpkins) as we paint everyday useful wine, water, or beer glasses with glass or ceramic paint.

Ripped Paper Landscape Collages! 

We’ll construct lovely fall trees with multicolored leaves using ripped paper of various textures and hues. And we’ll use decoupage glue to form our finished art piece on canvas.

Wreath Designing! 

We’ll make small colorful wreaths (including a useful hanger) so we can use them to decorate our rooms or front doors.

Past Golden Arts Program Projects

Cardboard Picasso Faces

This project unites two different concepts: sculptural relief and painting. The students created colorful painted shapes and patterns on the cardboard. Then, the painted cardboard was cut into a funny face-like shape. The extra painted cardboard was glued to the initial cut-out face to create a cubistic feeling for the overall composition. 

Self-Expression Pieces 

This project is all about the student: A self-portrait begins in their imagination and reflects the way they see themselves. Whether the end result is symbolic, realistic, or surreal, the student is the subject and the basis for an original composition that provides the chance to be more fully seen. Students use outlining, paper, or photograph cutouts and acrylic paint to bring this piece to life. 

Kandinsky Landscapes

Students will work with the teacher, step by step, to paint a landscape based on Kandinsky’s body of work. This class will be focused on continuing the development of self-expression and giving support and direction as needed to create beautiful pieces.

Thank You To Our Amazing Vendors

Lucy Santiago, CEO of Hands Help Hands


Danielle Corso, President of Art Chick Designs

@ArtChickDesigns on Instagram

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