Perennial Initiatives

While we do our best to rise to any challenge that might impact the seniors in our community, we also know that consistent effort yields powerful results.

So, we have certain initiatives that we run throughout the year.

COVID-19 Vaccination Assistance

Having trouble signing yourself or a loved one up for the Covid-19 vaccine? Not sure where to start?

We can help. A local pharmacy in Watchung, NJ is collaborating with Housing With Hope to get more seniors vaccinated! Each week, this local pharmacy will make 15-30 vaccination slots available to seniors 65 and over and we want you to be one of them. If mobility and/or means of transportation are concerns, let us know and we’ll help you get a ride.

Ready to schedule your vaccine appointment? Email us at or call 908-520-6600

Want to help an elderly neighbor in our community get vaccinated? You can donate $25 to cover transportation and a post-vaccine meal for a local senior!

ADA-Certified Contractor Assistance

Need a contractor you can trust? Looking for information on safety rails, ramps, and other resources that can make your home easier and safer to navigate? 

Housing With Hope can put you in touch with a contractor who specializes in these types of jobs or a handyman to help correct problems that are a result of things like storms, floods, and other natural disaster-related issues.

Storm Utility Assistance

We can help you navigate the ins and outs of contacting and securing services from your utility providers in the wake of a major storm. We’re dedicated to helping seniors during catastrophic events so you can stay safe, dry, and warm regardless of what mother nature has up her sleeve.

The Investors Bank Care2Share Program

Housing With Hope has partnered with The Investor’s Bank Care2Share Program to make our events and initiatives even more impactful.

When you enroll in an eligible account with Investors Bank, our organization receives a 0.25% donation (Once 10 people or businesses enroll and list Housing With Hope as their non-profit recipient). 

To help Housing With Hope through the Care2Share Program complete this enrollment form and follow the directions for submitting it today!

In addition to the Care2Share Program, Housing With Hope Foundation was awarded a 2021 grant from Investors Bank!

We’re honored to have been chosen as a grant recipient and the money will be used to further our mission as we support older adults in our community.

Investors Bank continues to commit its resources to local organizations that are making an impact. It’s an honor to be recognized for the effort we put forth to serve others and we are grateful for that recognition.

We consider this grant to be an opportunity to do even more great work in our community and hope you’ll join us in those efforts!

Why Our Mission Matters

The typical role of the extended family in caring for their elderly loved ones is shifting as those caregiving children leave the neighborhoods where they were born or raised.

In many instances, communication with aging relatives has been relegated to occasional visits and video calls. Those who are fortunate enough to live with their loved ones are often left on their own when those caregivers head off to work or travel.

This isolation can be painful and can often cause the elderly to abandon the very activities that once filled them with joy and purpose, eroding their physical, mental and emotional health. This diminished quality of life can be devastating for our older loved ones and it’s the reason that Housing With Hope exists today.

Because everyone deserves to live at home.

Buoyed by a vision of a community where everyone has a safe, decent and affordable place to call home, we’re committed to the concept of service enriched housing that supports the Elderly’s housing and personal needs to help them remain safely at home.

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