Golden Arts

Art, in its myriad forms, is essential to living a life of well-being – especially for seniors. Even elderly individuals who shy away from creative projects find extraordinary joy and meaning when they pursue an artistic endeavor.

Studies confirm that art produces both physiological and emotional well-being. And research also finds that art projects decrease depression and anxiety, conditions that often accompany chronic diseases in the elderly. Exposure to art therapy has been shown to provide a sense of meaning and purpose to older individuals, who may otherwise gradually decline into depression.

All the science pointed us to developing the Housing with Hope Golden Arts program.

The Golden Arts Program is taught by artist Danielle Corso of Art Chick Designs, LLC, and features art classes provided on-site at senior housing and community centers in Union County, NJ. The program is designed to provide creative workshops for seniors that build confidence and autonomy while our community members have fun in the process!

Golden Arts fosters self-expression, creativity, and problem-solving skills through the exploration of shape, color, texture, and more. To ensure our seniors find the right type of experience for them, our programs offer classes in a variety of different art techniques. Classes explore forms of expression including painting, drawing, collage, and mixed media. Each session is inherently therapeutic and designed to stimulate cognitive and fine motor skills.

Currently, Golden Arts is provided to the seniors at:

Should you be interested in bringing the Golden Arts program to your senior living community, please send us an email at

Golden Arts is made possible by funds from the Union County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs, a partner of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, and a grant from the Northfield Bank Foundation.

You can support our program with art donations for Golden Arts supplies:


“We enjoy this program immensely. It gets us out of our apartments, gets us communicating with other residents, and gives us the opportunity to be creative. As seniors, we really need this distraction in our day. Thank you very much.”

– April R.

“I didn’t know that I liked art but I really love it. I recommend this class to everybody because I didn’t know that I could do art. As a kid, they told me I couldn’t. But now I love doing art. This program really benefits me.”

– Patti Ellyn G.

“It’s so good to participate in the Golden Arts Program because it gives us something to do with our brain. It’s always good to have something to do because we do get pretty bored sometimes. I appreciate you coming to our facility and please come back again because we enjoy these classes.”

– Esther S.

“I thank Housing with Hope for helping us make all these projects. It’s such a wonderful program for everyone to be in. It keeps us busy, mentally and physically. Thank you very much, we appreciate it. I’m very proud of my project today!”

– Mary W.

“This is blessed. Whoever sent this program to us, I thank you very much. I enjoy this, it’s something I’ve never done before but I’m learning so much!”

– Margaret C.

“We’re so grateful and appreciative of the kindness and thoughtfulness of the art class. It’s so relaxing and enjoyable sitting and talking to people and trying to learn something about art. The teacher is amazing – she’s so patient. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

– Martha N.