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The Housing With Hope Team is made up of leadership, staff and volunteers dedicated to providing our elderly loved ones with opportunities to feel safe, connected and valued in the places they call home.

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Anthony Fasolas


Founder, Housing with Hope Foundation, New Jersey

Anthony’s powerful experience with his own aging loved ones fueled his determination to create Housing With Hope, and he brings a drive and sense of compassion to all he does within the

Anthony Fasolas is a retired law enforcement officer, volunteer firefighter, and volunteer EMT with a 25-year record of service. In addition to these roles, Anthony has over 30 years of real estate investing experience which serves him well as he collaborates with the Housing With Hope team and those they serve.

Growing up, Anthony was greatly influenced by his grandmother, who emigrated from Greece to help raise him and his siblings. Her unselfish dedication to their well-being and her desire to help them become compassionate members of society are the sources of some of Anthony’s greatest memories.

As the children grew older, they spent less time at home with their grandmother. This was when, as Anthony recalls, his grandmother became far lonelier and more isolated. Her days grew long, lonely and isolated. Because she’d moved to the U.S. later in her life, she didn’t know the language nor have the means and confidence to leave the house on her own. As time passed her isolation caused a decline in her mental and physical state. The decline meant that Anthony’s grandmother would eventually be placed in a nursing home.

With his parents and relatives in their 80s and 90s, Anthony is all the more dedicated to the mission of the organization. And so, at the beginning of 2020, the team set forth their plan to improve the future for aging adults through the Housing With Hope Foundation. As the founder of Housing With Hope, Anthony is dedicated to making it possible for more older adults to enjoy and thrive in their golden years.

Victor R. Bruce, MD


Born in Ghana, West Africa, Dr. Bruce was raised by a single mother and looked after by his grandmother when his mother was at work. After working diligently to provide for him and his 3 siblings, Dr. Bruce’s mother passed away when he was 19 years old.

After medical school, Dr. Bruce moved to New Jersey and later relocated to Las Vegas. When he began practicing medicine in the 1990s, the vast majority of his patients were retired seniors and he found that often their visits were fulfilling needs far beyond physical ailments. Some just wanted a chat or a hug, some had trouble meeting their copays, and others were struggling with isolation and depression as they lived in a state of loneliness. Dr. Bruce found that he could be the person in their lives who listened and empathized with their struggles.

He has always been passionate about improving the quality of life for senior citizens, and his work is driven by a desire to help them maintain their dignity and their independence. Dr. Bruce believes that there are many ways to make a difference in the lives of older adults, and he feels a sense of purpose in easing the suffering of others and helping them restore joy to their lives.

Dr. Bruce’s goal as a member of Housing With Hope’s leadership is to bring that sense of purpose to as many people as possible.

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A Letter From Our Founder

“Looking back, I now realize my passion for helping the elderly started in my early teens from spending time with my grandmother. She had been living with us since I was a young child and would take care of my me, my sisters and my cousins while our parents worked during the day. As we got older, more time was spent with our friends, at work, and after-school activities than with her. As a later-in-life immigrant from a small village in Greece, she didn’t speak any English and was limited in her mobility. So, she became isolated during the day. The varying degrees of loneliness she felt daily struck me deeply.

My grandmother has since long passed, and in recent years, I’ve been witnessing those same varying degrees of loneliness and isolation with my own parents, elderly relatives, and parents of friends who choose to remain living at home. After years of hard work and taking care of others, the elderly deserve to enjoy their Golden Years to the fullest without facing such devastating feelings as isolation and loneliness.

My vision for Housing With Hope Foundation is to honor our aging loved ones and to provide social activities and programs where the elderly can meet, interact, and live fulfilled lives with purpose and joy as active and valued members of the community. Housing With Hope exists to give all of our older loved ones a chance to make their Golden Years their best!”

Anthony Fasolas

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