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Buoyed by a vision of a community where everyone has a safe, respectable, and affordable place to call home, we’re committed to the concept of service-enriched housing that supports our seniors. Our access to housing with the support of services connects them to the community and has their best interests at heart.
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Housing with Hope Doors

We strive to provide affordable housing options for seniors who want to live independent lifestyles where they can thrive and age in place while remaining active members of their community. We don’t just want to put a roof over their heads: We want to build them a home.

Partnership Leases

To increase the housing resources and opportunities we offer aging adults, we work with our network of trusted landlords to enhance our portfolio of affordable housing.

Long-Term Vision

We want to redefine the way senior care housing is provided to fixed-income elderly people by developing a premier senior care facility that offers luxury amenities with exceptional services at an affordable price point.


As a nonprofit, we are unable to support every issue a senior might encounter. For your convenience, we have collected a list of other organizations who may be of assistance to you. These organizations amplify our impact to support the needs of seniors.


At Housing with Hope, we often receive questions about the resources we offer. Below you’ll find some of those questions and information you need to know.

Do you offer in-home assistance for older adults or provide assisted housing for seniors?

No. We do not offer those services. But feel free to reach out to us as we may be able to assist you in locating the right housing opportunity for your senior loved one.

Do you assist only older adults in New Jersey?

At this time we only serve our local New Jersey seniors. This allows us to become intimately familiar with their unique needs as well as the state laws here in the Garden State that impact seniors directly.

I have resources to share. How do you determine which resources to include on your website?

We carefully review each program that appears on this page so that we can offer the most reliable resources possible to New Jersey’s elderly residents. You can submit a resource for consideration to info@housingwithhope.org along with a brief description of the program or resource. Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission!

I know a senior who has a housing issue not addressed on your resource page. What should I do?

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at info@housingwithhope.org for further guidance and support.

Helpful Resources for Seniors Navigating the Housing Process

Below you’ll find a set of resources that your older loved ones may need.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

(866) 542-8165

AARP is an organization that advocates for the issues that matter to individuals over 50 and their families. The organization focuses on providing an array of services and resources related to travel, restaurants, and volunteer opportunities as well as financial tools and health insight to older adults across the country.

Caregiving Resource Center


Family caregivers tend to the health and well-being of their aging parents, spouses and other loved ones, often while juggling careers, children and other obligations. Caring.com has compiled some key resources to help you better navigate caregiving.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance

(800) 510-3102

Services provided through the Home Energy Assistance Program allow low-income residents to receive assistance with their home cooling and heating bills, emergency heating services, and emergency fuel assistance in accordance with the Home Energy Assistance Program. The program does its part to ensure seniors stay warm in the depths of winter and cool in the sweltering summer months.

New Jersey Adult Family Care

New Jersey Adult Family Care is a local Medicaid Waiver Program that is offered to help seniors with their housing problems. Older citizens who are having housing issues or cannot live independently any longer because of health conditions are eligible for this program. This benefit offers private individual living units which have 24-hour personalized care. Some of the services in these houses are getting help with toileting, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, laundry, preparing meals, and so on.

New Jersey Division of Aging Services

This glossary includes various types of housing arrangements for senior citizens.  Some options listed may not be available at this time, but are listed there for your reference. 

New Jersey Easy Access, Single Entry (NJ EASE)
New Jersey Easy Access, Single Entry (NJ EASE)
(800) 222-3737

NJ EASE connects seniors with vital programming through a toll-free phone number. When you call, their trained staff will help you find helpful programs and benefits while answering your questions on topics ranging from healthcare and insurance to social activities, nutrition, transportation, and even long-term care options.

New Jersey Housing Options for Senior Citizens

This glossary includes various types of housing arrangements for senior citizens provided by the state of New Jersey. 

New Jersey Food Assistance (NJ SNAP)

NJ SNAP is the nutrition assistance program to help low-income individuals and families buy the groceries needed to eat healthy.

Retire Guide: Low-Income Senior Housing

If you have a low income and feel you need financial assistance for your new living situation, there are programs, vouchers and tax credits to help lower your costs.

Union County Transportation for Seniors

(908) 241-8300

Union County’s older adult transportation program offers curb-to-curb transportation for senior citizens ages 60 and older. From grocery shopping to pharmacy trips, it’s a vital service that helps seniors get where they need to be without worrying about driving themselves.

Union County – Division on Aging

(888) 280-8226

This wide-reaching organization provides support for Union County residents who wish to access helpful resources and programs including legal help, employment, counseling, education financial assistance, home care, and assistance with daycare. These services act as a lifeline connecting seniors to resources they need day to day and provide the support they need to thrive in their golden years.

Union County – Adult Protective Service (Catholic Charities)

(908) 497-3902

Adult Protective Services works to decrease the risk of further abuse, neglect, or exploitation for adults and seniors. In Union County, this service, provided by Catholic Charities, is dedicated to ensuring our seniors do not endure undeserved hardship or abuse at the hands of those they interact with each day.

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